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Our Services

We carry out underwater measurements, inspections, repairs, drilling, blasting and demolition, hoisting and towing, underwater sandblasting and painting. Our company has a floating crane ( HERACLES ), complete diving equipment, underwater recorders of the latest technology and everything necessary for the completion of any type of underwater work.

In the field of reed cleaning, we have designed and created two new patented systems, which have been recognized on the field. 

Our Staff

Our diving staff has graduated from the Special Forces of the Hellenic Navy, while all hold Professional Diplomas and International Certifications of Divers. 

Ocean Water

Our Journey

For 40 years of continuous diving operations, watching the latest diving technologies we have successfully completed difficult tasks worldwide. Our target is the continuous education and training according to the latest standards, but also the avant-garde and the continuous development of our services. With more than four hundred vessels / shipwrecks in our assets and with over two thousand underwater operations since 1980, we are the most experienced in the field. 

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