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The Greek Diving Center Ltd. was founded in 1980 and is active in the field of Underwater Works, Underwater Scientific Research and Archaeological Research.
Our company is globally recognized with major operations in Greece and the Middle East. 

We are recognized by all Classification Societies, with quality assurance certification ( ISO 9001), while always keeping our equipment and staff informed of the latest technical specifications and requirements.

We deal with all underwater activities starting from Underwater Inspections, Underwater Repairs, Lifts and Towing. Our work is always accompanied by Underwater Photos and CCTV video .  

Indicative Cooperation / Clientele

•30-year collaboration with the oil company ENERGEAN OIL & GAS S.A. in the field of underwater diving work.(maintenance of the oil rig and underwater supply line).

•Long term cooperation with the LAFARGE – AGET HERACLES and TITAN INTERBETON groups as exclusive repairers, surveyors of anchorages and port facilities.

•Our company works with the most shipping companies by carrying out cleaning inspections and underwater repairs in collaboration with classification societies.

•Long term collaboration with FIVE OCEAN SALVAGE,  for underwater works and shipwrecks removal.

 •Co-operation with Company King Life Sari U in Lomé Togo.


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